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Matt weighed 285 pounds and lost 125 pounds with the CUPS diet®


Eat healthy, have less, but have and enjoy what you like. It's a simple and practical weight loss program that works for those who are obese, those just want to lose a few pounds, or those who want to maintain their current weight. Best of all, it's easy. And it works!!!!!


the CUPS diet® has users in 46 states and 15 countries;

Argentina, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Haiti, Ireland,

Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, 

United Kingdom, the United States, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.


Below are "Top 4 in under 4" for wt. lost in three weeks


#1. 26.0 pounds by LG in less than 4 weeks
#2. 17.0 pounds by BB in less than 4 weeks
#3. 16.5 pounds by EJ in less than 4 weeks
#4. 15.3 pounds by CS in less than 4 weeks

Below are the "Top 10" in total weight loss
#1.   125.0 pounds by MM
#2.     73.0 pounds by LG
#3.     66.9 pounds by WR
#4.     65.8 pounds by CS
#5.     50.0 pounds by LB
#6.     46.0 pounds by BG
#7.     45.0 pounds by SK and KV
#8.     41.2 pounds by AS
#9.     39.2 pounds by CI
#10.   39.0 pounds by LJ and EJ

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