Control Using PortionS™.


the CUPS diet® is the first weight loss method designed to lose weight

and control weight using a very simple way of managing portions using

measuring cup increments, instead of scales, charts, calories, points,

supplement or any pre-packaged diet foods.


With the CUPS diet® there is never the need to use measuring cups 

themselves to determine portion size. It is about estimating portion size 

visually. The method of weight management which includes losing,

gaining or maintaining, that is based upon the use of measuring cup

increments, is Control Using PortionS™. This is the foundation for the

great success of the CUPS diet®, see the SUCCESS STORIES section.


Unlike other weight loss diets, the CUPS diet® is a true weight 
management program you can use for your entire life. Once you achieve
your desired body weight it will help you control and maintain that weight,
manage portion sizes and avoid reverting back to old eating habits that
led to weight gain in the first place.  


Obesity is a multifaceted disease process with many etiological factors such as genetic, metabolic, social, cultural, and behavioral.     


This weight loss approach addresses motivation, commitment, and additive tendencies that are critical in losing weight AND keeping that weight off - while keeping you healthy AND happy.  


For many of us, our behaviors have led us to establish poor dietary habits and gain weight. We must identify and address these behaviors to change habits so we may reduce and control our weight. Old habits may be hard to break, however they are not impossible. With the CUPS diet® it is now possible.


the CUPS diet® promotes healthy habits (as found in those that have been successful in maintaining their weight loss as noted by the National Weight Control Registry) that help you maintain your weight loss, such as:  


Consumption of lower fat food 

Incorporation of regular activity 

Eating breakfast daily 



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Hill JO, Thompson H, Wyatt H. Weight maintenance: what’s missing? J Am Diet Assoc, 2005;105(Suppl 1):S63-S66.


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